Saturday, August 13, 2011

my NEXT next tattoo

i thought i should update my previous post about my tattoos. i did actually get that tattoo i mentioned and in the exact manner i described.
i did it again spontaneously. it happened almost the same way the first one did. at the same place too. yonge street tattoos in toronto. it was just over a year ago. i was downtown with a friend (different friend this time though) and we walked past and i said i wanted to go in to ask how much it would cost for that approximate tat. turned out i would just get it done right then and there. it was kind of dumb that i did it that way though because i obviously didn't have a reference material with me. so it's in my own writing. but, in a way, that's kind of cool. it has a few "glitches" in it which i meant to go get touched up but as i said, it's been over a year now.
even though i really thought out the placement and everything, i still think this one ended up a little lower than i'd like. oh well~ it's still pretty cool, i think!

i already have my next planned out! if you know anything about me, you know i'm a huge weezer fan ~ so what better than the flying w?!

if not just the =w=, then i would combine it somehow with this little guy from the pinkerton cover (and famous woodblock print "kambara yoru no yuki" by hiroshige) to add a little originality. or maybe the 2 separately? who knows. i do know i want the =w= on my inner wrist but i was thinking the guy could go on my ankle or something. more planning neccessary.

another idea i had was getting the torii on my ankle. just a small one, only like an inch square. every tattoo means something or marks some milestone, right? so this would be my reward for finally going to japan~

hubby actually took this picture.
it's before the entrance to fushimi inari taisha.
i mentioned in the other post that i was thinking about getting the kanji for loyalty as a tramp stamp. i think i've got enough kanji for now! i used to be a big fan of miami ink and chris garver's work. i thought it would be awesome if jay and i could take a trip down there and get him to do an artful piece for me. i like the symbolism of the lotus. you know~ beauty growing out of crap. i thought i would like a realistic style lotus with a stem with a greenish black quagmire (i mean cess pool... idk if quagmire is the right word... i just thought it would be my only opportunity to use it in a sentence!) swirling around the stem. but, i promised myself i would rise above my shortcomings before doing it. or else the symbolism is lost. it'll be my reward. i'm almost there~


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